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10 Greek Seascapes - High Resolution 2560x1920px High Resolution

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Greece, my country, is famous for its history all over the world,
but, the blue sky and the deep blue Aegean Sea,
is also a reason to visit Greece.
The summer holidays in Greece are really unforgettable.
So uploaded especially for you 10 Greek Seascapes
(in High Resolution 2560x1920 PNG) .
*Photo Shooting by Liza G.A..


"Greece is a country well known all over the world for its glorious history. Democracy was born in Greece and the Ancient Greek civilization is a stepping stone for the modern western civilization. The Greek philosophy and Philosophers effected the western civilisation. In Greece where born some of the Greatest philosophers of all times like Socrates ,Plato ,Aristotle ,Epicurus and many others. Drama and theatre was born here where Great writers like Euripides, Aristophanes, Sophocles and Aeschylus wrote immortal plays like Electra, Iphigenia, Oedipus, Medea. During its History Greece had glorious times, during the Golden Age of Pericles of Athens ,the Hellenistic times of Great Alexander and during the Byzantine times when the Byzantine empire lived almost 1000 years the longest lived empire ever. The ancient Greek monuments like Parthenon have effected dramatically the Architecture of the western world and many famous contemporary buildings have been build according this architectural style.
The geographic location between the continents of Europe Asia and Africa was a reason that made the Greeks to travel and make colonies in many areas in the Mediterranean and along the coasts of the Black Sea, exchanging ideas and knowledge with other ancient nations like the Egyptians the Phoenicians the Persians and nations around the Mediterranean. Many of the Ancient Greek myths has to do with the Greek colonisation and the explore of foreign places by the Ancient Greeks like the journey of Jason and the Argonauts the Trojan war and the journey of Odysseus.
Greece today is a modern western European country and member of the European Union. Greece is one of the most beloved holiday destination for many millions of tourists that travel to Greece every year. The mountains , the islands and the cities of Greece have everything to offer to the visitor, history ,mythology ,sights to visit ,nature and more....(source in2Greece )

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