Deep Conspiracy Ft Carlito Menendez - Cocinando Guarachando (original Mix)

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12 Glitter Styles ASL for Photoshop CS+

12 Glitter Styles ASL for Photoshop CS+

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2 σχόλια :

  1. Géniaaaaaaaal!
    Merci ma Liza!
    (C'est le bordel en Grèce en ce moment, j'espère que tu t'en sors! Ça me touche énormément tout ça...)
    Gros gros bisous!

  2. My Sweet firend Sim
    Yes it is true,
    that in Greece we are today in a political chaos.

    It is very difficult for everyone and especially for all Greeks,
    to refer on the jobs and finances.

    But normally we continue our daily lives
    and we struggle to banish from power all the corrupt politicians
    that stole public money
    and has brought Greece into this difficult situation.

    Greeks will not leave it longer our country in their hands.
    We will soon can change everything.

    You will see it,
    we punish them.

    We strive for a better tomorrow for all Greeks
    that to give back to Greece the position it deserves.

    Thank you so much my dear friend
    for the interest and your solidarity !

    I Appreciate it very much you know that!

    Gros Gros bisous !!!