Deep Conspiracy Ft Carlito Menendez - Cocinando Guarachando (original Mix)

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27 Old Wall Texture Styles (ASL) for Adobe Photoshop CS - High Quality

Click on sample images to enlarge

1. Open two layers , and choose two different
from these styles ,
or if you want, use the same in both layers.

2. Use the eraser tool ,in the top layer
with some Gothic Ornament Brushes (abr)
to create a realistic Gothic wall.

Note:This is my way,
but you could find many more ways, to use these styles.

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4 σχόλια :

  1. Dear Liza!
    From my mother's, I want to congrate you!
    It is so beautiful!
    Thanks a lot hun!!
    Huge hugs!!

  2. oh! Thanks both of you my Sim !!!
    you are so sweet !!!
    mille bisous a tous les deux!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for these, I had a blast playing around with your technique for carving in a rock wall. What a fun day I had ;o)

  4. my friend Bebe
    i ' m so happy that you have some fun with these brushes!
    Kisses to you !!!